Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YA Fantasy Showdown

As a blogger and someone who is on the net ALL OF THE TIME, I do run into interesting websites that I love to share. This one is so much fun. It is particularly geared towards those of you who read much more YA than the average reader. Hands up if you can check off any of the items below

  • You have 20+ books out of the library at any given time

  • The people at Chapters/Barnes and Noble (insert fav bookstore here) know your name

  • You can identify the following characters and shoot off their book titles without mulling it over - Katniss, Sabriel, Edward Cullen, Jace, Sam Templeton and Percy Jackson

  • You actually write the release date of books in your calendar
Well then, you might be ready for this next phenomenon. Think of it as a virtual book character battle. (Is the Mortal Kombat theme song running through your head? I know it is in mine...wait a minute...maybe some of you are too young to remember that....)

Head on over to YA Fantasy Showdown and check out the battle format. They are currently in Round 2. Read about the competitors (this week it is Katsa vs Hermione, Jace vs Ai Ling, Enna vs Percy Jackson, Sabriel vs Howl Jenkins, Astrid vs Katniss, Eugenides vs Lessa, Thorgil vs Aragorn and Alanna vs Ged). If you click on the participant names, it will take you to a screen describing how a battle might play out between the two players as well as each player's advantages and disadvantages. At the bottom of the battle, there is an area for you to vote for the winner. Cool huh?

The Schedule

Round 1 (16 Battles) - Tuesday, August 10th--Thursday August 12th. = 3 Days
Round 2 (8 Battles) - Sunday, August 15th--Monday, August 16th. = 2 Days
Round 3 (4 Battles) - Wednesday, August 18th--Thursday, August 19th. = 2 Days
Round 4 (2 Battles) - Saturday, August 21st. = 1 Day
Round 5 (Final Battle) - Monday, August 23rd. = 1 Day

Voting closes at 9pm (not sure which time zone) so check it out and tell me what you think. I know what my first thought was - Why didn't I think of that?

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