Sunday, September 5, 2010

Concerts are fun!

Ok, this is a totally non-book related post, but I had to tell you all about my evening out in August and officially confess to being a Backstreet Boys fan. I know, I know, but I can't help it. I've been a diehard fan for about 14 years. I blame my daughter for this. It is all her fault- she started it with 'Mum, can I please, please, please go to the BSB concert for my birthday, please, please, please .........' and of course, being the best mother in the world (she told me that, honest!) I said 'Oh, all right, I'll take you if you really want to go."

Well a tradition was started and we have had lots of fun over the years. One year I actually took her and four of her friends - that was interesting I can tell you. So, earlier this year when we saw that BSB would be performing in Toronto again, there was no question. We would have to go - for the 8th time. Yep, this years' concert was the 8th BSB concert we have been to together and I still enjoy going to them.

Now this year, I must admit I was feeling a bit old. Most of the concert goers were in their early 20's, which is a huge difference from the early concerts when most people were in their early teens. I could have had a drink with Elllie this time, but no way were we paying $12.99 for a beer. I was feeling a bit self concious for a while until I noticed another 'older' lady farther along the row. That made me feel better, at least I wasn't the only parent there.

The concert was held at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, which is an outdoor venue. The evening was absolutely gorgeous, almost too hot in fact, and the atmosphere was amazing. After all these years, I still know the words to just about all of their songs - some of the new ones I haven't got yet - and the crowd was singing along to everything. Wow, it was phenomenal. I keep hearing people say the Backstreet Boys are passe, dead, dying etc. but you would never have known it that night.

Unfortunately we were getting the train home, so we had to leave just as they were coming out for the encore and we kind of missed the very end. Although, because it was outdoors, we could still hear them singing the three extra songs while we walked to the station. The whole evening was just wonderful and I had a great time bonding with my daughter. She tells me that while some of her friends think it's a little odd to be going to a concert with her Mum at her age, most of them think it's kind of fun. I certainly love the fact that she is willing to be seen out in public at such an occasion with me.

So I'm curious. Are there any of you out there who go out with your mother, or father, regularly to something like this, or are Elllie and I really the only ones?


  1. I went to a ZZ Top concert with my mother back in August. I had a blast. I do things with my mother all the time. It gives me a change to act like a kid again, or be on the same level as my mother. I am gonna enjoy these years becuase I don't know how many more I have with my mother!

  2. I hope I'll have many more years with my daughter, but I sometimes wonder about my Mum. I'm off to visit her this month to catch up, although I don't think we'll be doing any concerts!