Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smart Chicks Kick It Tour...feeling like a rockstar....

We arrived at the Chapters store in Brampton around 11:30am on Saturday after about 1 1/2 hours on the road. All of the seats had already been taken and they had started a line. Lucky for these Princesses, Curlypow had secured a one-on-one interview with all 8 authors prior to the main event. Thank you to Karen Wadsworth, the publicist for the tour, who made this happen.

Unfortunately most of the Smart Chicks didn't arrive until almost 1:30. This was due to engine problems in Chicago. At least the problems occurred before they left the ground! We're just glad they arrived safely. We were so nervous that we were shaky - it's a bit like having a backstage pass at a rock concert! We asked as many questions as we felt we could without delaying the event.

As we were wrapping up our interview, we felt it only fair that these Smart Chicks leave with a parting gift. Everyone got a box of SMARTIES! And a high 5, so hopefully they'll remember us Canuck bloggers.

As tempting as it was to ask for all 26 books to be signed right then and there, we felt we should line up with the rest of the fans. So we did....and it only took about 2 hoursto get to the head of the line. But we made some new friends....and got to closely scrutinize the history section of Chapters as we wound our way through the stacks. We did have a video clip for you here, but technical difficulties have resulted in a what appears to be blank video - if we manage to solve the problem we'll post the video at a later date, along with our interview.  For now, all we've got is a picture with the Smart Chicks ...

The sound wasn't great in the store because we were in the stacks and couldn't see the authors, and some customers were talking during the speeches so we couldn't catch much of what was being said, but we didn't mind too much since we'd had the chance to meet them all beforehand.
We have to add here that Kami Garcia didn't make it due to illness - so sorry Kami. Hope you're feeling better. We missed you. Hope to catch you the next time you are in the Toronto area!

All in all, Saturday was the best book day we've ever had. Curlypow and I had such a fantastic time and it truly felt like a once in a lifetime experience. A very special thank you goes out to Margaret, Kelley, Melissa, Melissa, Jennifer, Jeri and Alyson for being so gracious in our interview and sticking it out to sign everyone's books. We hope that Canadian fans have made an impression with you and cannot wait for Smart Chicks Kick It 2.0. We'll be booking the day off work as soon as we get the date! To the authors who didn't make it to Canada, we're sorry we weren't able to meet you all, but the strength of your writing and following is shown in your fanbase. Smart Chicks really do Kick It! Here's to Kicking it with you next year!

Keep your eyes open for our post with the interview.

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