Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things that go bump in the night....


I have a confession to make. I don't like Halloween. Now don't be throwing all your Halloween goodies at our blog...well, actually, you COULD if they are chocolate or have some kind of gooey caramel centrer...Yes, I'm a party-pooper. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather turn all of the lights off in my house, put out a bowl of candy with a sign saying "help yourself and karma will find you if you take all my treats", lock myself in my room with a flashlight and tackle my huge TBR pile of books lock myself in my bathroom in a nice hot tub and read by candlelight. Alas, I do have a 2 year old who has yet to experience her first memorable Halloween so I will begrudgingly take her to a few houses on October 31st, dressed up as a horse (if I can get her to stop freaking out about the costume) or a pumpkin (equally horrific in her mind) and take her trick-or-treating....

'Cause that's what Moms do, right? (Please, no hate mail comments in this post...I'm just being honest here....)

So since it's nearly Halloween, let's chat about this a bit. I personally do like to scare myself by watching horror movies but I since my hubby is a bit of a fraidy cat himself, I am often watching them on my own. I can't do it in a theatre but I do watch them by myself on DVD or television. Why do you ask? So that I can control the volume and mute the scenes that really scare me. Wimpy, yes. Think of it as "scare control". We all have our fears. Mine involve heights, clowns and bugs like centipedes and millipedes. What things are you afraid of?

Now onto books. There are some creepy ones out there and when reviewing my TBR pile, here are a few scary looking ones that have caught my eye and would be perfect for Halloween reading (maybe I'll read outside while waiting for the kids to come)...have you seen any scary book covers lately?

I'm with Christinabean on the whole Halloween issue, but that's because my kids are past the age of wanting to dress up and go out trick or treating. I still haven't bought any candy yet, so I'm thinking we will probably be one of those dark houses that everyone hates. We used to make a huge production of it and I would sit outside on our decorated porch in my witches costume with the scary sounds playing, and I'd read by flashlight. But it's a case of 'bin there, done that' now. Sorry trick or treaters!

Good choices on the covers Christinabean. If you're interested in my post about 'The Evil Within' check it out HERE. I love to read some creepy books and watch some scary movies, although my scary isn't the slasher type - it's more the alien/predator type - which my kids think is just hilarious. They say that mums my age shouldn't read/watch that kind of stuff. I guess it just takes all sorts to make the world, right? Have a great Halloween, followers.

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