Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black preview

Wow! What a fantastic evening! I took the day off to attend a book signing with Curlypow in Etobicoke on Friday for Holly Black and Cassie Clare. Since it is nearly 1am and I'm slowly losing consciousness, here's a little snippet of our author visit. If this seems a bit disjointed, I'll write more once I get some zzz's and it will make more sense -

Things we learned about Cassie Clare and Holly Black

  • Holly Black talks nuts. No, really! She is all about con men, fairytales about nuts and likes getting locked in the trunks of vehicles

  • White Cat is out if you haven't already read it, Red Glove (can't wait!) will be out April 5, 2011 and Black Heart will be coming in 2012

  • Cassandra Clare is hilarious! She takes photos of nude men cooking and has been using her Teen Read award as a defensive weapon. Plus, she isn't afraid of wearing bright colored tights

  • City of Fallen Angels, book #4 in The Mortal Instruments series has been submitted to her editor. Can't wait for this one either!! (We think she said it would be out in April - but don't quote us on that, we're not sure)

  • All in all, Cassie Clare + Holly Black = An incredibly entertaining, Dynamic Duo....ladies, have you ever considered writing a book TOGETHER?


  1. It was so nice to meet both of you ladies Friday night! Both Cassie and Holly were so nice to meet and greet everyone! :)

  2. It was a fun evening and the second Holly Black/Cassandra Clare signing we have been too. They are both so sweet and funny and very generous. Thanks to Chapters Queensway for organizing a great event.

  3. Elvina you are most welcome!! We had a fantastic time with all of the fans & are so happy that everyone got to spend time w/ both Cassie & Holly.
    And it was gret to finally meet the Paperback Princesses!


    KZ @ Chapters Queensway

  4. Christinabean and I had such a great time. Still haven't got over being called up onto the stage - that was really unexpected, and a little nerve-racking. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can make it to Suzanne Collins in Yorkville.