Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrity authors

Hi everyone! Here's just a random post about something that I've been noticing lately...

Reality television has been around for a while now and I think it's interesting how people use their fame and extend it trying new things in the spotlight. I don't fault anyone for doing it. I just think it is interesting how we can all be chameleons with our careers.

For instance, Lauren Conrad (otherwise known as LC from Laguna Beach) ended up with a spinoff series called The Hills and then went on to design her own clothing label, is a rep for Mark (Avon cosmetics) and now has her own book series based loosely on her experience on set.

Hilary Duff, also known as Lizzie McGuire got her start on the Disney channel as a popular childstar, went on to make movies as a teenager, turned into a rockstar with several popular songs and recently married a professional hockey player. She has just written her first book - Elixir.

Now there is Nicole Richie, ironically the woman who started a family with Joel Madden (Hilary Duff's ex-boyfriend). She is/was/ ex/current BFFs with Paris Hilton (I can't keep up), starred in a reality television series called the Simple Life and has written a couple novels.

So to be honest, I know that these were in my mailbox several weeks ago and I haven't been able to get into the books because I just found other titles much more interesting at the time. Have you read any of these novels and what did you think of the storyline? Plot? Were they worthwhile? Do these "celebrity authors" do justice to this craft or should they stick to a different career path?


  1. I haven't read any of these books. I'll admit to being prejudiced against celebrity authors. But then again, the book is only as good as its ghostwriter. So the books could actually be quite good - I don't believe for a second that the celebs write all or even most of the books.

  2. I've read Lauren Conrad's books (except for the latest in her series). I've actually enjoyed them. I've seen Hilary Duff's book and is somewhat interested in it. But I have never seen Nicole Richie's books.

    Hope you enjoy them!

  3. I agree Alison, unfortunately so many of them are not so good. My daughter read the arc of the Hilary Duff 'Elixir' and her comment to me was 'don't bother reviewing it Mum, it's not worth it'. So you won't catch a review Ivy, sorry.