Monday, November 15, 2010

In My Mailbox - Nov. 15th

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren in which bloggers post about the books they have received for the week. Books may be won, taken out from the library or bought from a store.

Here's my latest stash:

It always happens. You get nothing decent for weeks, then all the good stuff arrives at once. I'm still trying to work my way through last weeks loot - very slowly - and now I get some more good ones that I've been waiting for, forever! I don't even think I'm going to find the time to read 'The Passage' or 'Wicked Appetite' both definitely non-YA books. Most absolutely a case of 'Too many books, not enough time'

Christinabean here. I also received quite a few this week that I'm looking forward to reading. I agree with Curlypow that sometimes it's a case of Too many books and not enough time. This is where I often find myself reading the first 50 pages and then deciding if it is worthwhile (for now) to continue or put the item back on hold. Here's my library haul for the week...

What's in your mailbox? And do you find that you borrow more books from the library or do you purchase them?


  1. Hey curlypow! I read "Eternal" not too long ago, I think you'll like it! Full of quirky humour and amusing one-liner's, and of course, can't beat the angel element :) (I adore that cover!)