Friday, December 10, 2010

Christinabean Friday Finds has been so long since I've done this but there are lots of newish things I want to share.

Contests -

Best I've Read 2010 contest craziness

Happening right now until December 16th. Go and enter. There will be 70 winners. Yep. You read right seventy.

Sarah Rees Brennan has a new cover out for #3 in her series! The Demon's Surrender comes out in May 2011. Can't wait to read it. Who's on the cover? Alan!!

Lauren Oliver has titles for her follow up books to Delirium. Book #2 will be Pandemonium (released in 2012) and book #3 will be Requiem (released in 2013). Congrats Lauren! BTW, most non-bloggers have not read Delirium. Why's that? Because it comes out February 1st 2011!!

Meg Cabot is coming out with a new book in April 2011 called Abandon. Check out the cover!

Most of us are familiar with the Hunger Games series. If you aren't, you haven't been reading this blog for long because we rant and rave about it quite a bit. The movie is in the making and I have heard that they already have a 70 million dollar budget for it. I have come across some predictions for casting but take a look at this FANMADE video. For unknowns, they did quite well at capturing the essence of the book. What do you think?

One last thing. Are you a doglover? If so, please do this. Pedigree is running an Adoption Drive until December 31st, 2010. If you "like" them on Facebook, you will be donating an 8oz bowl of food to a shelter. Please visit their facebook page and feed a hungry pup. :D OK, so he's not up for adoption. That's my dog when he was a puppy...

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  1. That vidio was awesome, and sad. They did a very good job on it :)