Thursday, January 13, 2011

Way to go Alison - I love Twilight too.

I was doing a bit of wandering around the blogs I follow and I came across a post on 'Alison Can Read' entitled ' I love Twilight and I'm not ashamed!' You can read the whole post HERE. It got me thinking a bit and I felt I had to put in my 2 cents worth. Alison is correct. No-one should ever be ashamed to admit what they are reading, and enjoying, whether it be Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of Scoundrels (bodice ripper), Pride and Prejudice, Lonesome Dove (Western), the Illiad (Classic) or Dr Seuss.

So many of us have bought in to the idea that only certain types of books should be read openly. In fact there is a blog I follow where one of the reviewers regularly comments on having to hide the cover of the books she's reading when she's in public. Why? Why do we feel that it wouldn't look good if an adult is seen reading a YA book? Or a young adult reading a childrens book - hands up how many of you have read Percy Jackson? Why do we feel we have to apologise for reading a bad book and enjoying it? People rarely apologise for watching the Simpsons on TV and in my opinion that is one of the worst TV shows out there. But that's just it - it's my opinion, and it should not affect anyone else's viewing. Just as my opinion of Twilight should not affect anyone else's reading. How do I feel about Twilight and its sequels? I think they are silly and that Bella is one of the most annoying characters ever written - but I have read them all at least twice (may'be even three times for some of them), I have listened to them all on audio and I own them all. I have also recommended them to countless people - some of whom have hated them - but that's ok.

I think we should stop judging people by the books they read and just be glad that people are reading in the first place. I am a librarian and I have to recommend books to people every day. I try and read as many different genres and styles of books as I can, but my favourites still tend to be fantasy, something I don't get to recommend very often, but I never judge a reader by their choices. As long as YOU, the reader, enjoys the book you are reading, that is the only thing that matters.

So, for any YA's out there (and adults too) reading this post, which is rapidly turning into a rant (I apologise) - read what makes you happy, and shout it to the rooftops. Don't be embarrassed to admit that you love an unpopular book, tell people about it - laugh about the awful cover/the great story line/the amazing characters/the cliches and one-liners - and perhaps you'll convert someone. Who knows, stranger things can happen - like vampires sparkling!

Well said Curlypow! I love having a blog like this so we can rant about things...I used to be embarassed to admit that I cross-stitch and quilt because they seemed like "old lady" type of crafts but WHO CARES? You aren't doing it for someone else, you are doing it because you enjoy it. Before this blog I also used to be a bit timid to admit that I liked YA but I do read it for myself and it makes me happy. Any one else want to make a confession?

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  1. Well said! I love Twilight and I don't care who knows it :P