Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

    Published: November 2008
    Publisher: Razorbill
    Pages: 443
    Copy Provided by: e-book on Overdrive
    Summary: Goodreads

For Rose Hathaway, everything seems out of kilter. Ever since she made her first Strigoi kills, a dark shadow has been creeping over her. Looming in the background, too, is another realization: If she follows her forbidden love for guardian Dimitri Belikov, she might lose her best friend forever. And these sleep-shaking worries couldn't have come at a worse time. The immortal unloving are prowling everywhere, famished for vengeance against her. An adrenaline-laced episode of the teen pop favorite Vampire Academy.


I tried Shadow Kiss as an e-book. Normally I prefer to read regular books but I thought I'd try something different and 'borrowed' it from our local library. What was nice is that I didn't have to worry about late fees because it is automatically 'returned' after a set number of days. Love it. I always have library fines. You'd think that working at a library would have certain perks like waiving fees....think again! My only beef about the e-book format using my netbook was that I had to click or touch the mousepad and it would often skip 2 pages instead of turn one. That is my computer though, not the novel itself.

So let's be honest here. I think I'm seriously becoming obsessed with this series. In fact, I'm wondering if I should start up the first chapter of Vampire Academy Addicts Anonymous. Raise your hand if you'd like to join and earn your "chip". I wasn't able to get Book #4 at my library (it was signed out) so I tried to get it via e-book and it wasn't available so instead of hauling butt to the local bookstore, I decided to purchase the e-book on Kobo. Luckily, Kobo gives you a discount for your first purchase so I saved right away and I was able to start reading right away. I'm liking these e-books!

So back to the review....Ms Mead really packs in a punch with this book as we delve deeper into understanding Lissa and Rose's bond. The Shadow Kissed are not always peachy keen participants. There are some serious side effects that occur when Lissa uses her magic. We also get to know Adrian a bit better which I like...oh and Dimitri. Mmmm....Dimitri. I wish I could meet him in person. Adrian seems so much younger than Dimitri in life experience and maturity. In Shadow Kiss we also see Dimitri and Rose's relationship take a few drastic changes. The ending was shocking and believable leaving me to wonder how Richelle Mead churns these novels out so that you're dying for more. To be honest, I'm glad the series has ended because I'm not certain I could have waited for each book to come out...can't get enough of Vampire Academy....

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  1. This series is awesome and I'm glad you're enjoying it. Staff don't get fines at our library..strange (also helpful to me in particular).