Friday, March 11, 2011

Christinabean's Friday Finds

I have found some lovelies for you this week. Actually, some of you might already be aware of many...

First off, let's talk cover love. Curlypow had mentioned this one earlier but the sequel to Paranormalcy has come out. As well as book the second book in the Firelight series...Welcome Supernaturally and Vanish!

Ms. Kimberly Derting also has a new book coming out this fall called The Pledge. Coincidentally, both Curlypow and I are reading Desires of the Dead (2nd book in the Body Finder series)...awesome. Look for a Double Take posting soon!

The Beautiful Chaos cover, number 3 in the Caster Chronicles series has also been released and will also be coming out this fall. I know that Curlypow has this pre-ordered. It is one of her favourite series!

Lastly, in terms of fun book news, did you know that Lauren Oliver's two books - Before I Fall and Delirium have both been optioned for film? Congrats Lauren! You can read more on her blog here.

One more tidbit that is totally unrelated to books but a great source for those hard to buy boys...Have you ever had trouble finding a fun gift for your guy? Well, I came across this cool website for geeks. True, not all men are geeks but mine is. I'm sure you must know someone slightly geeky in your circle of friends as guy was a closet geek. Now he owns a gaming store. Go figure. I always find it hard to buy cool gifts for him but not anymore! I'm going to be frequenting this store quite a bit. There are also some fun gadgets for gals too....Miss Pither, I'm talking to you....Think Geek.

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