Thursday, March 3, 2011

In anticipation of City of Fallen Angels

So it is now March 3rd and approximately one month from now, one of our favourite series continues - The Mortal Instruments. Book #4 (City of Fallen Angels) officially comes out on April 5th. Cassie Clare has been kind enough (or maybe it's just a bit of a tease) to let us get a sneak peek of the first chapter on her blog. Can't wait for this book to be released!! I would have put it as a waiting on Wednesday but I've been seeing so many fun things around the web lately regarding COFA....Did you know that Barnes and Noble struck a deal with the publisher so that fans will receive something special with their purchase? A LETTER FROM JACE TO CLARY!! That's so freaking awesome....and of course it's only available to those in the USA (Booooooooo!!! say the disgruntled Canucks!). On the bright side, maybe some kind bloggers will take pity on us "out of the loopers" and offer up a giveaway or two. So back to my anticipation of COFA, one more cool thing I came across recently was Mortal Instruments Cast-o-Rama. So much fun to play. Who are your picks Curlypow?
I'm not so sure who I'd like to play the characters in the movie Christinabean, but the cast-o-rama was definitely fun. I must admit I am really looking forward to COFA, I already have my copy pre-ordered - although unfortunately, not with Barnes and Noble! Do you think we could convince Cassie to come up with a letter between Isabel and Simon for the Canuck copies, or maybe one between Alec and Magnus? Not quite the same impact as Clary and Jace, but it would be unique to Canada! I'm just hoping that the underdog - read Simon here - manages to grab a little of the limelight this time around. He seemed to have such a hard time first go around, he's due for a break. It was so much fun seeing Cassie Clare at the signing in 2010 that my fingers are crossed that she'll make it back here again for COFA. Roll on April 5th. I can't wait.
Make that ditto for me Curlypow. You know, both Cassie and Holly are coming back to Canada but will be in much vacation time do you have left to book this year?
Mmmm! Possibilities!

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  1. I love these books so much. Cassandra Clare is just amazing. I think she's my favorite YA author right now. I actually enjoyed CLOCKWORK ANGEL more than the Mortal Instruments series, but I'm still super pumped for CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS!!! :)