Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Musings by Knitwits - Simplify with Camille Roskelley

Published: October 2010

Publisher: C & T Publishing

Pages: 110

Copy: From Library

Summary: Goodreads

Use pre-cut jelly rolls, fat quarters, and more to add fresh, new style to your home. Enjoy the simple things in life-with colors and patterns that your whole family will love.

I'm an embroiderer, Christinabean is the quilter, but I have to say after reading this beautiful book, I am sorely tempted to try some quilting. The fabrics and designs in 'Simplify' are simply stunning and I just loved every one of them. There are full instructions for 14 different projects - pillows, quilts and table runners - and I had a really hard time choosing just one I would like to try. One of the interesting things about the books is that a lot of the projects are done using something called a 'jelly roll'. No, that's not a sweet cake that tastes good! It's a roll of matching fabrics that have been pre-cut to usable sizes - major bonus as far as I'm concerned. It also talks about 'charm packs', layer cakes', 'honey buns' and 'turnovers'. I had to keep reminding myself I was reading a quilt book, not a recipe book. A beautiful, inspirational book for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Check it out.

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