Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Case You Missed It - Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks

Published: August 2006
Publisher: Del Rey
Pages: 384
Copy: From Library
Summary: Goodreads

Logan Tom is doomed to remember the past and determined to rescue the future. Far behind him lies a boyhood cut violently short by his family's slaughter, when the forces of madness and hate swept our world after decadent excesses led to civilization's downfall. Somewhere ahead of him rests the only chance to beat back the minions of evil that are systematically killing and enslaving the last remnants of humanity. Navigating the scarred and poisoned landscape that once was America and guided by a powerful talisman, Logan has sworn an oath to seek out a remarkable being born of magic, possessed of untold abilities, and destined to lead the final fight against darkness."

Across the country, Angel Perez, herself a survivor of the malevolent death-dealing forces combing the land, has also been chosen for an uncanny mission in the name of her ruined world's salvation. From the devastated streets of Los Angeles, she will journey to find a place - and a people - shrouded in mystery, celebrated in legend, and vital to the cause of humankind...even as a relentless foe follows close behind, bent on her extermination. Meanwhile, in the nearly forsaken city of Seattle, a makeshift family of refugees has carved out a tenuous existence among the street gangs, mutants, and marauders fighting to stay alive against mounting odds - and something unspeakable that has come from the shadows in search of prey." In time, all their paths will cross. Their common purpose will draw them together. Their courage and convictions will be tested and their fates will be decided, as their singular crusade begins: to take back, or lose forever, the only world they have.

Even though this book was marketed for adults, I have always felt that there should have been a campaign to bring it to the attention of YA's.  Armageddon's Children was the first in a trilogy that finished off a series of novels started back in 1977 with The Sword of Shannara.  Armageddon's Children was very different because it bridged the gap between apocalyptic fiction and fantasy.  It tied two story lines together - that from The Word and the Void trilogy which is almost paranormal and the world of Shannara, which is pure fantasy. 

The wonderful thing about this trilogy is that it explained how our world could fall apart and yet produce the possibilities of a world with elves and dwarves and monsters.  Terry Brooks writes beautifully and lyrically and manages to give his characters an amazing depth and believability.  This particular book introduces a group of kids who have gone through amazing hardships and yet have bonded to become a family unit.  Their struggles are almost insurmountable, but they each have amazing strengths and willpower.  You can't help but fall in love with them all. Armageddon's Children was followed by The Elves of Cintra and The Gypsy Morph.

If you try this one out and like it, I'm sure you'll read the trilogy, which will in turn lead you to a about 22 books in the series. If you are interested in finding out more about the whole series, check out Terry Brooks website.

I've been reading these books since 1977, and I'm still lovin' them.  Try them out for size.  Oh, and don't let the blah cover fool you - they are well worth the effort!

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