Saturday, October 1, 2011

Confession time

Does this look like your TBR pile? Perhaps your pile is a little BIGGER?? Do you have a separate room for your books or (ahem) a basement full of them?

Well my friend, you have a problem.  Unless you've been taking speed reading lessons, surely you are never going to find time to read all of these lovelies.  Perhaps we need to find your local chapter of Book Hoarders Anonymous.  In fact, I'm almost certain we could probably start one of our let's be real, shall we?

Where are you getting your books from? 
Does your bookshelf sag in the middle from the pile of books you have yet to read?  
Do you scour the discarded book cart at your local library?  
Do you anxiously wait for the 10% off coupon from the Book Depository?  
Are you on the mailing list for sales with Book Closeouts?
Have you worn out your Chapters/(insert favourite bookstore name here) membership card from frequent usage?
Do the clerks at your local bookstore know you by name (and credit card number)?
Do you work at a library and STILL buy books every week?

If you have answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, you may have a book hoarding problem. Lucky for you, there is help.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.

I, Christinabean, am a book hoarder, are you?


  1. I, Becky, am a book hoarder!
    Many of those statements match me. :D

  2. OK - I hate to admit it but ... I, Dana, am a book hoarder. And I hope there is no cure!! My husband has started to complain about the piles all over the house but, hey, it's a big house so I'm just doing my part to fill it.

  3. Hide them in the basement....I think that's what Curlypow does...hee! hee!

  4. Did you look at this list, see that there is a site called Book Closeouts and think "omg there is a book buying site I didn't know about??!!??!!!" and googled it right away?

    I did.

    haha I, Ariel, am a book hoarder! But I love this addiction of mine. Even if I am broke all the time from buying too many books.

  5. Oh Lord, I am one, or at least on my way to being one. *facepalm* BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS MORE, NEW, AWESOME BOOKS COMING OUT! ;)