Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fantastic Fairytales - Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby

Published: June 2011
Publisher: Speak
Pages: 336
Copy: Library
Summary: Goodreads

While most students at Burtonwood Academy get to kill demons and goblins, fifteen-year-old Emma gets to rid the world of little annoying fairies with glittery wings and a hipster fashion sense. She was destined to be a dragon slayer, but cute and charming Curtis stole her spot. Then she sees a giant killer fairy - and it's invisible to everyone but her! If Emma has any chance of stopping this evil fairy, she's going to need help. Unfortunately, the only person who can help is Curtis. And now, not only has he stolen her dragon-slayer spot, but maybe her heart as well! Why does she think it's going to be a fairy bad day!

Although not technically a 'fairytale', 'Fairy Bad Day' does have fairies in it, so I thought it would count - and what an enjoyable tale it was.  I love it when a book doesn't take itself too seriously.  Let's face it, any book with 10" high fairies who like to hang out at the mall, wear GAP khaki's and eat ice cream and skittles, is not taking itself seriously.

Who wouldn't want to go to school to learn to be a dragon slayer, or goblin or demon slayer? A fairy slayer, not so much, that is until the giant, nasty fairy shows up, with a hankering to take over the world.  In amongst all the fairy high jinx there is a gentle love story, that was only a little predictable and very sweet.  Ms. Ashby's humorous look at supernatural slayers was laugh out loud funny and totally captivating.  I loved it, and I'm sure my fellow fairytale fans will too. 

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