Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gleek out your Christmas

Here's a little Christmas music to get you in the mood for the holidays...

Sigh, I love Glee...I just need to catch up on the (ummm....) last 3 seasons....


  1. I LOVE Glee, I have all of their albums and DVDs. Including both Christmas Albums.

    There isn't a music video for it but I love their song 'Deck The Rooftop'. Check it out. Also Kurt and Blaines version of 'Baby It's Cold Outside'.

  2. I am 90% in love with Glee. Once in a while, there's an episode that "hits a wrong note" (if you'll forgive the pun,) but on the whole, it's a really really enjoyable show.

  3. Barmybex, oooh!! another good one! Maybe I'll add it to our post!

    Madigan, I agree...there are some Glee episodes that leave me thinking - huh? but on the whole I enjoy the show. I don't have all of the albums but I definitely intend on posting about the Rumour Has it/Someone like you song. Love it!!