Friday, March 2, 2012

Books to Movies

As you know, we both love books...but we are also movieholics as well.  So what's better than your favorite book turned into a movie (unless its horribly misinterpreted)?

Here are a few books that have been picked up by Hollywood and expected to hit the big screen

And for TV

I haven't heard much about The Selection but I'm totally psyched about Beautiful Creatures.  

Oh, and it looks as if some new life is being breathed into the production of Cassie Clare's

and I'm ultra excited about that one.


  1. I haven't read ANY of those (except City of Bones) but Beautiful Creature just has to make it to the top of the pile soon!! And, I can't wait to read the Selection--it sounds very good. The John Green, I will read someday, but I've just read a couple of cancer books, and I don't think I can take another one just yet.

    My TGIF and FF

  2. Heh....I haven't read any of these. :(
    But then, after they slaughtered The Golden Compass (one of my favorite books), I'm nervous about any good YA book being made into a movie. I hope these fare better!

  3. I liked The Fault in Our Stars, and the movie trailer was so disappointing. I imagined the characters completely different, and I just don't feel that they succeeded to grab the atmosphere either. Such a pity.