Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Musings by Knitwits

Once a month Christinabean and I like to bring a craft, knitting or cookbook to your attention. We both love to pick up a pair of knitting needles or some other type of needle, or putter about in the kitchen and we like to share the love when we find a book that will help. This months selection is:

Published: February 2012
Publisher: Sally Milner
Pages: 256
Copy: Purchased
Summary: Goodreads

How does color affect embroidery? How can it bring needlework to life? Crafters will uncover the possibilities in this unique, in-depth exploration of color in embroidery. From color selection and blending to choosing complimentary colors and creative contrasting and shading, it highlights a variety of techniques for surface and counted thread embroidery projects. More than 200 stitched examples with DMC thread keys, plus color schemes and projects such as roses, fruits, and birds will inspire stitchers.

Colour Confidence in Embroidery is, in my very humble opinion the best book available right now for embroiderers interested in designing for themselves, or just adapting existing patterns.  Trish Burr's book is a feast for the eyes from the very first page.  It's hard to tell from the picture above, but those birds and flowers on the cover are embroidered.  That's right, embroidered.  Trish is an absolute master at creating virtually flawless renditions of birds and flowers from nature, and she has put all she has learned about colour through the years into this wonderful book.

I was lucky enough last year to take an online course with Trish and I learned so much from her.   With her encouragement I designed a needle painted piece myself, but I had a big struggle over my colour choices.  With this book now in my possession, I'm ready to try even more.  She has put together pages and pages of colour selections and ideas to make life immeasurably easier for the embroiderer - or for anyone else who uses colour at all - artists, scrapbookers, knitters, anyone really.

The bonus here for embroiderers, is that there are 12 complete embroidery projects at the back of the book that are just amazing - four of them you can see on the cover. If you're not interested for yourself, this book would make an amazing gift for any friend or family member who is at all interested in crafting or art, if for no other reason than it is beautiful to look at. 

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