Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Free Library

On the way to school in the mornings, I often pass a house with this cute little red box out in front.  Last week I drove up to the box to see what it was.  To my surprise, it was a LITTLE FREE LIBRARY.  A little free library is exactly how it sounds.  Books can be left or taken, notes and cards can be left as well.  I looked up more information online and found that this phenomenon was happening all over North America.  Check out this website - Little Free Library to find out more and even order your own book shed.  Isn't this a great way to pay it forward and connect with your neighbours??  Kudos to the people who started this project!  There is also an interactive map to see if there is a Little Free Library in your area!

p.s. Once we get back on our feet again in a new home, I am SO going to do this!!


  1. what a spectacular idea. I need one.

  2. Brilliant! My family does this, but I like the concept of it rippling through the community. :D
    Thanks for cluing us into this!

  3. I saw a picture of one of these on another blog a while back, I so want one! Just Hopping through :) New follower via GFC, you can find my FF Here

  4. We have this in my town, too. There's one in my local library. But I've never seen one this cute.