Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Readathon update

A week or so ago Christinaban held up the red flag and challenged me to enter in the Random House of Canada's Olympic Readathon.  Of course I couldn't resist and I signed up for 2000 pages - the same as her.  Now I have to say here that I expected to beat her hands down, and I am somewhat shamefaced when I announce that she is BEATING me.  Not by much though.  Christinabean has read 1169 pages and I have managed 1040.  Who would'a thunk it !  In my own defence I have spent the last 3 days embroidering and not reading, but I suspect I'm just being a sore loser.  Well done Christinabean.  I'll catch up to you yet :)

156 people have signed up to read 317174 pages.  Total entered as read so far - 121982. 9 days left of the Olympics.  Are we going to make it?

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  1. Oh Miss Curlypow...I have Mr Grey to thank for all of my reading pages. I've started the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and just finished book #2. Sorry to say, I won't be doing a review for these on the Paperback Princess blog... :P