Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Published: Sept 2012
Pages: 368
Publisher: Simon and Schuster 
Copy Provided by: NetGalley
Summary: Goodreads


Lillia has never had any problems dealing with boys who like her. Not until this summer, when one went too far. No way will she let the same thing happen to her little sister.

Kat is tired of the rumours, the insults, the cruel jokes. It all goes back to one person– her ex-best friend– and she's ready to make her pay.

Four years ago, Mary left Jar Island because of a boy. But she's not the same girl anymore. And she's ready to prove it to him.

Three very different girls who want the same thing: sweet, sweet revenge. And they won't stop until they each had a taste.


The Players
Sugar and spice and everything nice.  That's what girls are made of.

Yeah, right!  Not these girls....they represent the popular crowd, the misfits and the wallflowers - Kat, Lillia and Mary are all out for revenge.  They are our unlikely protagonists and even more unlikely companions as they seek to right those who have done wrong by them.  Burn for Burn had a little element of Carrie (by Stephen King).  It is a contemporary novel with a slightly supernatural twist.  Love 'em or hate 'em, you will identify with someone from this novel.

How to play nice
Boys.  Now boys seem to work out their issues differently than us gals.  They literally fight it out and then 5 minutes later they are back to fist-pumping and playing video games.  There is no scheming to get back at someone.  You just work out your issues physically and then move on.  Girls on the other hand are manipulative and foxy.  We tend to play mind games that have consequences lasting days, months and even years.  

The Writing Team
I'm always amazed to see what two authors can come up with.  Writing a book alone is a feat but collaborating with someone else is a mega-challenge.  The dynamic duo of Han and Vivian pull it off seamlessly as they weave an intricate tale of relationships where friendship is a chessboard and each move is vital to getting revenge.

The Last Word
Miss Han and Miss Vivian are big on the contemporary scene and I'm usually more into the supernatural/paranormal genre but every now and again its good to step out of my comfort zone and venture into new territory.  Burn for Burn was a page turner that I'm eager to read more about.  I was quickly thrown into the world of high school cliques.  It is amazing what people do to one another for self- preservation.   Burn for Burn left me hanging by a thread and I'm a little bummed that I have to wait a whole year for book #2.  In fact, there are two more installments of this series scheduled in 2013 and 2014 - Fire with Fire and Ashes to Ashes.  I cannot wait to see what these two authors have in store for us in the future!


  1. AHHH i. must. read. this book. !! Thanks for the review, I hadn't heard of it before now and it sounds good!!

  2. Hi Nicole! Burn for Burn was not quite what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it! Actually, if you enjoy this title, you might also enjoy the Pretty Little Liars series.