Sunday, February 3, 2013

Slated by Teri Terry

Published: January 24th, 2013
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books
Pages: 352
Copy: Publisher via Netgalley
Summary: Publisher

Kyla has been Slated—her memory and personality erased as punishment for committing a crime she can’t remember. The government has taught her how to walk and talk again, given her a new identity and a new family, and told her to be grateful for this second chance that she doesn’t deserve. It’s also her last chance—because they’ll be watching to make sure she plays by their rules.

As Kyla adjusts to her new life, she’s plagued by fear. Who is she, really? And if only criminals are slated, why are so many innocent people disappearing? Kyla is torn between the need to know more and her instinct for self-preservation. She knows a dangerous game is being played with her life, and she can’t let anyone see her make the wrong move . . . but who can she trust when everyone is a stranger?

Slated was an intriguing and rather disturbing dystopian where kids can be 'disappeared' at the drop of a hat and then reappear, minus their personality and memories.   When you add in the fact that these kids have basically been brain-washed and are now supposed to be happy, cheerful robots living with their new families, it makes for creepy stuff, right? Not quite though. 

Ms Terry manages to keep her characters interesting and fairly believable, despite the fact, or perhaps because of the fact, that Kyla has so few memories.  She struggles as she goes along and it is obvious from the beginning that Kyla is not a 'typical' slated. Her interaction with  The Lorders (love that play on words - Law and Order Agents) was suitably unsettling and managed to incorporate every government bad guy around. Kyla's love interest is Ben, who it turns out is also a slated, but he seems more accepting of his fate, at least initially.  I'm not sure if I really connected with Ben though.  He is ok, but he has a bit of a change of heart later in the book that didn't sit well with me.

I have to say that in the end, Slated was just an 'ok' read for me.  I can't exactly pin down why, but to be honest when I sat down to write this review after only about a week, I couldn't remember the names of half the characters - not a good sign for me. It started out with potential, but just kind of fizzled. I'm certain that dystopian fans will find lots to love in it, but it didn't have that special something for me, unfortunately, and I just don't feel enough curiousity to find out what happens next to Kayla and Ben.

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  1. Great, honest review.. This book has a gorgeous cover ~ and the blurb definitely gets me excited to read it. Characters that don't stay with you though.. hmm.. Still need to think about taking this book on.. Thanks for sharing!!

    Keely @ Realms of an Open Mind