Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fantastic Fairytales

OK, I have to confess that I haven't had the chance to read either of these yet, since I just downloaded them yesterday, but I can't wait.  Has anyone read them yet?  What did you think?  Both were published in 2011 by Allen and Unwin.

A dozen of the most exciting and unique writers for young people have chosen fairytales as starting points for their own original stories, in this surprising and spellbinding two-volume collection

Margo Lanagan (Tender Morsels), Rosie Borella, Isobelle Carmody, Richard Harland (Worldshaker), Margaret Mahy (The Seven Chinese Brothers), and Martine Murray (Henrietta There's No One Better) have taken inspiration from stories that have shaped us all, tales like "Beauty and the Beast," "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," and "The Snow Queen." This collection carries universal themes of envy and desire, deception and abandonment, courage and sacrifice. Characters are enchanted, they transgress, they yearn, they hunger, they hate, and, sometimes, they kill. Some of the stories inhabit a traditional fairytale world, while others are set in the distant future. Some are set in the present and some in an alternative present. The stories offer no prescription for living or moral advice and none belong in a nursery. Open the covers and submit to their enchantment.

In this companion to The Wilful Eye, six much-loved writers - Catherine Bateson, Victor Kelleher, Cate Kennedy, Maureen McCarthy, Nan McNab and Kate Thompson - give fresh voice to age-old stories of abandonment, desire and entrapment.


  1. I haven't read these, but I love fairytale retellings and these books look great. Can't wait to hear what you think and which are your favorites!

  2. I also have e-copies from both books, but I haven't got the time to read them yet. I hope to pick them up soon, since I love fairytales :D

    Happy reading!