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From Ashes by Molly McAdams



Published: April 16th 2012 (paperback)

Publisher: William Morrow
Pages: 416
Copy: Publisher via Edelweis
Summary: Goodreads

When Cassidy Jameson's best friend Tyler took her to Texas with him when he left for college, she was expecting his cousin, their new roommate, to be a Stetson-wearing cowboy since his family owned a ranch; not this incredibly gorgeous guy with a husky Southern drawl that seemed to make the world stop whenever she looked at him. Because of her past, she's only ever trusted two men in her life, Tyler and her dad whom passed away when she was six. But there's something about Gage that draws her to him in a way she can't explain, only problem? He's always telling Tyler that he doesn't want Cassidy living there and sees her as nothing more than his little sister.

Gage Carson was excited his cousin Tyler was coming to live with, and go to college with him. When he'd called to ask if he could bring his friend Cassi with him, Gage didn't care. Gage had heard about this mysterious friend since they were kids and felt like he already knew her. Nothing would prepare him for watching her jump out of Ty's Jeep though. Not only was Cassi the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, but there was something about her that within seconds of meeting her, made Gage want to protect her, and make her his. Too bad Tyler made it a point to remind Gage on a daily basis that he was dating her and she was completely off limits.

For a year and a half, Gage and Cassidy dance around their feelings for each other as Tyler continues to keep them apart; until one day Tyler unknowingly pushes her right into Gage's arms. With Tyler unable to keep lying to them, they finally start a relationship both have been craving since their first meeting. But when an accident and disaster sends her back to Tyler and California, will Cassidy be able to come face to face with the demons from her past to live a life she and Gage deserve; or will the fact that she once again ran to Tyler be the final push that ends Cassidy and Gage for good?


I had very mixed feeling about From Ashes.  I did finish the book, but to be honest, I'm not sure why, because I don't think I really enjoyed it. I think it's supposed to be an uplifting story about a girl being able to overcome a very seriously awful childhood and finding true love, unfortunately I just kept getting mad at the characters. 

Sometimes it felt a bit like being an observer at a train wreck.  You know it's terrible, but you can't help but look, or in this case, keep reading.  I seriously cannot believe that Tyler thought it was alright to not tell anyone about the daily abuse Cassi is suffering from.  On several occasion I actually harboured thoughts of violence towards him.  And, his obsessive, controlling, lying behavior when they get to Texas - aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Gage, well on the face of it, he seems like such a nice guy - everyone's perfect ideal.  But why would he constantly accept what Tyler is telling him Cassi feels without questioning her about it. For that matter, why does Cassi always accept what Tyler says Gage is saying.  Then, after Tyler has effectively kept them apart for the better part of 2 years by being an absolutely bastard, they go and forgive him.  Maybe I'm just a less forgiving person than Cassi and Gage, but I wouldn't have wanted to have anything to do with him. 

Cassi upset me because she seemed to be a bit of a doormat occasionally.  Why did she let herself be treated that way? I didn't understand it.  Ok, I'm trying not to put too many spoilers in here, because I really am curious to see what other people felt about this book.  As I said, I did finish it, then I sat back and thought 'Wow, I can't believe I just read all of that.'  Is that a sign of a good book? Maybe it is.  I still find myself thinking about it, just not in a good way.  Have you read it yet?  Tell me what you think.

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