Monday, April 8, 2013

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves allows us to share the books we have added to our collections - physical, virtual, borrowed, bought or received.

I hopped on the George R.R. Martin train and purchased the series of A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Now, how I plan on reading all 5000+ pages is still a feat I'm trying to figure out but I'm sure after watching the series, I'll want to jump ahead and figure out what is going to happen before the next season.  Not very YA-ish but still lots of fun!  What's on your shelf?
- Christinabean


  1. Wow, fun! I have the first two books but I haven't read them yet. I won't watch the show until I read the books. My husband spent the weekend starting the show, but I made him watch the show with those headphones on so I couldn't hear what the actors/actresses were saying and I just read and blogged. (I'm SUPER funny about reading before watching. It annoys him so much!) I hope I can get to these soon. That's awesome that you got them all at once!

  2. I'm also determined not to watch the show before reading the books (I did the first one way back when...but it was so complicated I swear I've forgotten most). I'm doing the same with the walking dead series also (which shocks everyone that I haven't caved and watched it yet!).

    I may have to grab the e-version of the Game of Thrones series...but I also want to get through all of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time many large epic series, so little time!