Sunday, May 19, 2013

Authorgraph - a bookie website

I wanted to share a new and interesting bookie website with you.  I stumbled across Authorgraph after following Jeri Smith-Ready's newsletter.  Authorgraph is a free website for users to gather their favorite author's virtual autographs.  It was set up by a software designer in Seattle a few years ago.   I tried it out last month and it is actually really cool!  You can request your author make the autograph out to someone in particular or for them to write something in particular.  Then you will receive a PDF in your account with a photo of their book title.

Things to cheer about

  • This site doesn't seem to be used very much and is a free service.  Make sure you check it out and give the designer props!
  • I love going to author signings but they aren't always logistically feasible.  The authorgraph can be downloaded to the Kindle or as a pdf.  It is perfect for those of us who are also starting to gather more e-books rather than physical titles
  • There are lots of authors that I recognized on this site - Nikki Jefford, Sylvia Day, E L James, Jeri Smith-Ready so it is not just filled with new authors or self-published people that you may not be familiar with
  • Very visual and easy to use 

Things to work on

  • I would love to see this site enhanced more to include things like author bios and website links etc.
  • When new books or authors are added, I'd like to see an update or email alert to remind me to visit the site
  • I would also love to see more information about the website besides having to visit the blog

Despite the few things that need improvement, I would love to see other bloggers and book lovers using this site.  What a great idea Evan!  Make sure you check out Authorgraph via the link below and follow Evan on twitter!  Don't forget to tweet him and let him know you learned about him from The Paperback Princesses!

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