Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams

Published: May 21st, 2013
Publisher: William Morrow
Pages: 400
Copy: Edelweiss
Summary: Goodreads

Chase Grayson has never been interested in having a relationship that lasts longer than it takes for him and his date to get dressed again. But then he stumbles into a gray-eyed girl whose innocence pours off her, and everything changes. From the minute Harper opens her mouth to let him know just how much he disgusts her, he's hooked.

But a princess deserves a Prince Charming who can make her dreams come true. Not a guy who can turn her life into a nightmare.

All good intentions go out the window when Harper starts to fall for the guy Chase has come to view as a brother. He wanted to protect her by keeper her away, but he can't stand to see her with anyone else, and he'll do anything to make her his. But when it comes down to Harper choosing between the two, will Chase have the strength to step back from the girl who has become his whole world if it means she's happy?

Lines will be crossed. Friendships will be put to the test. And hearts will be shattered.

OK, not sure how I feel about this one.

Chase's attitude towards Harper just didn't wring true to me.  Why insist that you're not interested in someone, then do everything you can to make her want you and pushing them away at the same time - confusing or what?

Harper obviously feels something for both guys (does it tell you something that I can't remember the second guy's name?), but almost seems to make it more difficult by not staying away from Chase.  There were so many things she could have done to stay away from him and make life easier for Brandon (found his name in my notes).

And let's not even mention how stupid it is for both of them to  have unprotected sex after his history and the fact that she's a virgin.  So sorry if that's a spoiler, but it was just so inappropriate that it made me really, really mad.  I realize that here it is used as a plot device, but come on - that just didn't sit well with me at all.

It seemed to me as if I could always anticipate what was happening next and there were no surprises - right until the very end.  At which point I wanted to scream in frustration - aaaaaaagggghhhh!  How could Ms. McAdams end it that way?  I was seriously channelling Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and wanted to toss the book out the nearest window.  You'll be glad to hear that I came to my senses when I realised it would be my Ipad I was throwing out, and not the book

Do you see what I mean?  I didn't think I was enjoying the book, but it never once occurred to me to stop reading.  It was a bit like a train wreck - I just couldn't turn away.  Final verdict - I'm still not sure!  Please let me know what you thought about Stealing Harper, I'm very interested.

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  1. I haven't read Stealing Harper, but I have read From Ashes, another novel by Molly McAdams, and I felt the same way. It was a train wreck--there were many things that bothered me throughout the novel. However, I did like it enough to finish it, but I haven't felt the need to pick up another of her novels.