Sunday, August 4, 2013

Giving is a good thing - donating your books

Last month, our city experience a huge flood.  People lost their homes and many people are still recovering from the water damage. One of the areas affected in our community was the downtown core.  Our downtown public library lost much of their collection and decided to hold a book drive last Saturday. 

 Ironically, one of the Follow Friday questions was "What do you do with your books after you finish reading them?"  I found out about the book drive late Friday and weeded my bookshelf to put together a box of donations.  My daughter also pitched in.  Each library branch was accepting donations and I was shocked to see how many books were at our local branch after only a few hours.  The Calgary Public Library was hoping to have 20,000 books, CDs and DVDs donated.  At early counts now, they are estimating they received over 200,000.  That is 10X their goal!!  The library will work with BetterWorld to sell their donated items and use this money to purchase new titles.  Now, not only do I feel great for helping my community but I have space on my shelf for more current titles!  Giving is a good thing!  :)

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