Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mortal Instruments - The Movie

The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones movie opened in theatres last Wednesday and I had a chance to see it.  I have been waiting for a couple years for this movie to come out and I have lots to say about it.  I encourage you to also write your own comments (good or bad) about what you thought about this movie vs. the book.
  • I have long been a supporter of Alex Pettyfer in the role of Jace.  Although, Jamie Campbell Bower didn't do too badly.  He certainly has the swagger that I would have expected of Jace but he hasn't quite convinced me of the amusing cockiness that this character possesses.
  • Lily Collins played Clary perfectly.  In fact, I couldn't see anyone else as Clary but her. Well done with this cast member.
  • Simon was another character that I was very happy with.  He also suited this role very well.  I haven't seen Robert Sheehan in anything but this movie so I'd be happy to see what he does with this role.
  • Alec and Isabel - both new to me.  I expected Isabel to be more glamorous, taller and a bit more like a Victoria Secrets model but I did feel they suited their roles well.
  • Lena Headley as Jocelyn was the perfect match.  She really could pass as Lily Collins mother!
  • I also liked Aiden Turner as Luke, Jared Harris as Hodge and of course, Jonathan Rys Meyers as Valentine.
  • The last character I want to mention is Godfrey Gao as Magnus.  Where in the world did they find this actor?  I love him as the warlock...but I was thinking he would have some kind of an accent.  Still, he makes a gorgeous Magnus...
Overall, when the cast had first been released, I was iffy about their choices.  As a huge fan and reader of this series, you always have a definitive idea of the characters in your head (for instance, the comments I've made about their appearance and voices/accents).  All in all, they did a great job of casting for this movie.
Movies are hardly ever as good as the original book.  Now I can completely understand why.  This movie was so fast-paced and jam packed that if you hadn't read the book or had fan knowledge of supernatural creatures and terminology, you may not have been able to keep up.  Did anyone else feel this way?  I loved how it stayed true to the book and (for the most part), maintaining the same storyline.  Sure, Simon didn't get to be the hero and demonstrate his archery skills when killing an upper demon but maybe they had to cut some scenes...sorry Simon, maybe next time?
You can expect lots of action in this movie and it was a good introduction to the Shadowhunter world.  The special effects were good and I anticipate they will only get better as the series progresses.  I was worried about the audience appeal after The Host and Beautiful Creatures did not meet most expectations but The Mortal Instruments has so much potential.  Definitely less angsty and moody than Twilight.  I'm going to give this movie a thumbs up and a recommendation to read the book in addition to watching the flick just to get the additional tidbits that this movie missed out on.  Besides, two hours does not give you enough time to fully appreciate the banter between all of the main characters.  Truly.  

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