Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Musings by Knitwits - Craftsy, Etsy and Regretsy

Today I'm going to give Curlypow a break and talk about 3 interesting craft-related sites - Craftsy, Etsy and Regretsy. 

I came across Craftsy while browsing the Michael's website.  Basically, it is a website where you can sign up to learn step by step how to craft, sew, stitch etc.  Each course you sign up for comes delivered in a number of video lessons that you can watch at your leisure.  So far the ratings have been great on this site and there are lots of users.  It is very easy to navigate and they have a variety of interesting classes to suit all levels of crafting.  If you subscribe and create an account, there are some free lessons to sign up for (mini-classes) and often discounted classes.  Each class has a money back guarantee and you can access your videos at anytime.  Here's the class I've been eyeing - 

Cute eh?

Etsy is one of my favorite sites to go to when I need a unique gift or am looking for inspiration.  It is an arts and crafts emporium for those of us who like to create and want to sell our wares.  Here's a sample of the things I love -

(This is the entire text of the Wizard of Oz shrunk down and manipulated to create the image of the witch as a poster)

Library due date card cover for your iPhone

If you haven't visited Etsy before, try it now...just be sure you aren't on a lunch break...or have to do something in a few minutes because it will easily eat up an afternoon....

The last site I wanted to share is 

The website has changed a lot and April has now put out a book from the information on her blog.  Not everyone uses.  Their creative talents in a good way.  In fact, for those DIY projects that don't make it onto Etsy, they often make it onto Regretsy, a hilarious spin-off of those items we sadly regret making.  They do allow for a good laugh though.  Here is one of my favorites - 

Anyone need a chicken poncho besides this poor model?
Seriously, this would be a great coffee table book for someone who needs to laugh at a lack of perfection.  Feel the need to share someone else's poor project choices?  You can find Regretsy on Amazon.

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