Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Signing with Emily Giffin

Meeting Emily Giffin

Isn't she cute???

So I arrived 2 hours prior to the signing and was 4th in line. Made some new friends though!  Liz, Amy, Joanna and I all shared stories of book readings and author visits.  Both Liz and Joanna had some great encounters with big name authors in other cities.  I love fellow bookies.  I always feel so nerdy when I go to book signings and oggle over book celebs so its good to know that others share my sickness.  mwhahahaha!! :P

We managed to nab front row seats and it didn't take long for the store to fill to capacity with many people gathered at the back of the store.  Waiting in line for 2 hours was definitely worthwhile.

I've been to a few book signings in the past but there are a few things that Chapters Chinook did to make this signing awesome - hired a DJ, staff took photos, prepped books for signing, had an orderly line up, and asked CBC's talk radio - Angela Knight to interview the author.  I found that the book signing was more fluid with someone actually interviewing the author.  She asked relevant questions and Emily took a few questions from the audience.  One last thing that would have been nice is to have the publisher or author offer some swag for diehard fans.

Cool things that happened - we got our photos taken with Emily's newest title we were tweeted!  From right to left in the front row with my new friends - Joanna is wearing the teal colored dress (matching perfectly with the book...doesn't she look pretty?), Amy (She's a teacher!), Liz (Amy's auntie.  Liz has been all over the place attending book signings) and me!

So what did Emily tell us about? She used to be a lawyer but her first day of work all she could think of was - I HATE THIS...WHAT HAVE I DONE?? She had over 100K in debt and was stuck in an occupation she hated.  I can't remember how long she stayed but thank god she moved onto writing!  How many of us with we could do what we LOVE?

She told us her experience in working with the movie when they filmed "Something Borrowed".  It was very interesting because she met with the movie people and they asked for her input for a lot of the movie.  Apparently, most of the time the movie and the authors don't see eye to eye when production begins but it is good to see that they valued her input and she tried to let them run with the movie as they saw fit.  BTW, "Something Blue is going to be made into a movie as well!!  (fist bump)!!

Not much else to tell you about except that I would totally recommend attending an author visit at your local library or bookstore if you get a chance.  I would love to hear from some of our followers about book signings YOU have attended!

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  1. I'm so jealous that you got to meet Emily Giffin! I absolutely adore Something Borrowed and I would love to have my copy signed. Some of the book signings I've attended can learn a thing or two about how organized your book signings are. Haha! Glad you had fun and met bookish people as well. :)