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Guest Post - Eduardo Luengo author of Corvus

Today, The Paperback Princesses are happy to introduce Eduardo Luengo and his new book Corvus.  

From the Press Release:

Paris, 1337, is a dangerous and terrifying place to live. Every night, countless citizens are found dead, either killed by blade or by beast. When the King and the nobles flee the city with no concern for those they are leaving behind, the townspeople begin their march toward exile. The only hope for their salvation lies with the Order of the Knights, a group of young elite soldiers assembled to defend the land, who go to Notre Dame to investigate the mysterious happenings. Only one knight returns and what he has uncovered is chilling: what is terrorizing the streets of Paris is not human at all, but are called “Harbingers”, mysterious creatures who seem to exist only to kill. 

Brave and fiercely independent, Alice Houdin is one of the few female Knights of the Order. During the catastrophic events that occur in Notre Dame, Alice becomes separated from her company and finds 
herself in the Underworld. She is forced to atone for her sins and must face a series of tests to save her 
soul. It is in the Underworld that Alice makes new friends and enemies and must do anything she can to 
return to her world. Meanwhile, her best friend fellow Knight, Arthur, has survived the attacks but is 
determined to hunt down every last Harbinger in his quest to rid the land of their kin, even if it means 
sacrificing his own life.

The Incentive to Write

By Eduardo Luengo

For some time, I had the idea for a story forming in my mind. And by that I mean a whole year before I actually wrote anything down. Partly, the reason why I only ruminated on it was because I was writing a different project, which in the end, I decided to drop. However, that didn’t stop me from developing the characters and starting my rounds of  After canning a couple of drafts from my first project, I decided to finally start working on Corvus. It was a new story, a new world, and new people, and my excitement was limitless. So much so that I wrote over forty pages in one week, while at the same time keeping my high school homework in check. I had a good reason to write. It was passion what drove me to perform such feat in a tight schedule. Passion for something is what propels many people to follow certain paths or look for certain jobs. I know for a fact that writing is my passion, and new projects are always exciting. Passion for writing is the best incentive I know to undertake in a huge journey such as writing a novel.

Whenever I start working on a new story, there’s this rush of excitement and imagination that is almost palpable. I tend to take out my notebook in the middle of class and begin scribbling little notes for names and events that would take place. I write short bios of the main characters. I also start conducting lengthy research on topics, in this case, ranging from the Monarchy and Feudalism, to the story of France up to the point Talking specifically about my novel, I knew I wanted the story to occur in Paris,  century. I was convinced that the Gothic architecture of the time and place were perfect for the events yet to happen. Also, the setting ties in smoothly with the dark fantasy elements that I introduce later in the story.

Corvus deals with themes that range from loyalty and friendship, to life and death. Death plays a huge part in Corvus. It is the reason why the main conflict starts. It is also the beginning of a new journey. Death plays a huge role as to how the characters deal with it, both the living and the departed. Death is the ultimate force of nature that we are Loyalty, friendship, courage and honor are some of the other prevalent themes in Corvus. They are inherent traits in every human being and also some of the hardest to maintain. They are what make any human truly admirable. These traits are what real heroes are made of. They are what compose those whom we admire and follow. And personally, they provide a good incentive to write.Commitment and passion for writing keep me from giving up. But important themes such as life, death, friendship, honor, and many others are part of the unlimited chest of ideas from where I can keep writing until the end of days.

Thank you Eduardo for sharing your passion with our readers

From the Press Release: Eduardo Luengo was only fourteen-years-old when he was given a writing assignment in school to write a short story. Although the teacher required the story to be a mere two pages long, Luengo took it upon himself to write forty pages. Instead of being impressed by his initiative, he was accused of stealing the story from the internet. Over the past four years, Corvus was completed. 

This enthralling debut novel from Eduardo Luengo takes readers on a dark journey through Renaissance-
era France and questions the true meanings of friendship, loyalty and bravery. Corvus is truly a tale for 
the ages and an unforgettable story of friendship and survival in a world where nothing is black and white and everything is gray. 

About the author: Nineteen-year-old Eduardo Luengo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to 
Houston, Texas as teenager. Corvus is Luengo’s first novel, having started out as a high school English 
assignment. He is currently attending college in Orlando, Florida. Corvus by Eduardo Luengo (published 
by Clink Street Publishing, RRP $11.99, ebook RRP $4.99) is available online at retailers including and can be ordered from all good bookstores.

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