Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Musings - Library Cards

I love libraries. I really really love them. 
I could spend hours and hours in a library.  I have probably logged more hours than I have working.
I have even visited libraries when I've been on vacation...have you?

I came across an interesting article this week about library cards. (Click on the link and take a look at different library cards from different states.  Have you ever given thought to how different each card is?  Some of them are even key fobs now.  The last time I renewed my library card, I was able to choose betwee 4 - 5 different designs.  The librarian mentioned that patrons find them easier to locate in a bag or purse and because kids get a choice as well, it helps them remember to use it.  GREAT IDEA!!  Librarians, school representatives and technicians take note - Wouldn't it be great to see libraries hold a drawing contest for children and let patrons vote on a design to place on their library card??

Here is a picture of my current library card.  When I first signed up for our local library, I asked the librarian about the cards because she gave me a choice of 4 or 5 different designs.  She explained that researched showed that giving a patron a choice helped them remember to use the card and helped them FIND it in a purse or wallet.  Here's what my card looks like

It gets used a lot...and I also contribute in other ways...like my fines... :)

(this was me as a child...now most of my books go on the micro SD card on my phone and I just don't have the same muscle tone in my arms...)

- Christinabean

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