Sunday, March 15, 2015

After the Bridge by Cassandra Clare

Published: September 2014
Publisher: Cassandra Clare
Pages: 32
Copy Provided by: free by Cassandra Clare
Summary: Goodreads


Short Story about Tessa, Jem and what happened after that meeting at Blackfriar's Bridge at the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

Tessa, Jem and Will had a unique little love triangle.  You MUST read the entire trilogy of Infernal Devices to understand how amazing this short story is.  And of course, you must be a lover of romance and happy endings.  Cassie Clare used these short 32 pages to sum up the LONG and patient wait for a love that never dies. Read this treasure if you want one last glimpse into the Infernal Devices series because you didn't want it to end.  Be prepared to be swept off your feet as Tessa and Jem finally have the reunion they have been waiting decades for....oh, and there will be sex....

You can read it for free here - After the Bridge 

Thank you Cassie...for giving us Shadowhunter fans one more thing to be happy about.

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