Sunday, March 22, 2015

Soul Taken by Katlyn Duncan

Published: June 4th, 2013
Publisher: Carina, UK
Pages: 208
Ecopy: Publisher
Summary: Goodreads

After-life just got a lot more complicated 

Maggie is a Soul Collector. It’s her job to transport souls from the Living Realm to the After – but during a mission to New England to find a stolen soul, she ends up stuck in a teen mean girl’s body. Trapped, Maggie’s soul is catapulted into Ally’s life – and the human world she hasn’t experienced for one hundred years.

But, as a descendant of the most powerful beings in the After, Maggie must rescue Ally before the girl’s soul dies... To survive, Maggie must uncover devastating secrets – because with one soul taken by a terrifying enemy, Maggie’s could be next!

Curlypow's thoughts:

What an intriguing version of the afterlife.  Ms Duncan has managed to come up with a unique and different version of what happens to you after death, and I found it plausible. I was able to suspend disbelief and become engrossed in the characters and the mystery.

The characters were fun, with just enough going  on that made them seem believable.  One of the aspects that I really enjoyed was that Maggie is a little different from the others, but we don't really know how different until almost the end and unraveling her story became quite compelling.  I really wanted to know what was going on and why things were happening to her.

Love interests?  Yes of course there are, this is a YA story after all, but it's neither instant nor even really obvious in the beginning and is definitely not the focus for the story.  No, that's wrong - it is the focus, but it is a thread that, once pulled, has to be unpicked carefully or everything will fall apart. People know more than they are saying and Maggie is being kept in the dark, which makes it really difficult for her to do her job, but she keeps going and doesn't give up. 

I'm looking forward to reading Soul Possessed to find out just exactly what's going on in this interesting world.  I'll keep you informed.

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  1. sounds like another book that I have read years ago, in concept and how things are happening per synopsis. Hope it is different later on