Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Case You Missed It - One Realm Beyond by Donita K. Paul

Published: January 28th, 2014
Publisher: Zondervan
Pages: 414
Copy: Library
Summary: Goodreads

Cantor D Ahma waited his whole life for this day. Born with a gift to jump between worlds, the young realm walker is finally ready to leave his elderly mentor and accept his role as protector and defender of the realms.

But mere hours after he steps through his first portal, Cantor discovers that his job will be more dangerous and difficult than he ever imagined. The realms are plagued with crime and cruelty, and even members of the once-noble Realm Walkers Guild can no longer be trusted. To make matters worse, his first assignment finding a dragon to assist him on his quest has led him to Bridger, who is clearly inept and won t leave him alone.

With the help of his new friends Bixby and Dukmee, Cantor must uncover the secrets of the corrupt guild before they become too powerful to be stopped. But his skills aren t progressing as fast as he would like, and as he finds himself deeper and deeper in the guild s layers of deceit, Cantor struggles to determine where his true allegiance lies."

Curlypow's thoughts:

Donita K Paul writes christian fiction about dragons.  Now, while I am not normally a huge fan of christian fiction, I am however a huge dragon fiction fan, and Ms Paul writes great dragons.

One Realm Beyond an absolute hoot to read, albeit with some serious undertones.  But let me ask you this - who couldn't love a shape-shifting dragon who chooses to shift into a haystack?  I kid you not. Bridger Bigelow is clever, feisty and marches to the beat of his own drum, as is his sister Totobee Rodolow.  Her little quirk is fashion.  And yes, they are both dragons.  I've never met any like these before and I adored them.

Oh yes, the rest of the story is much more serious and there are lots of wrongs to be righted and missing persons to be found and the story trips along nicely with hardly any boring parts at all. Cantor and Bixby have a wonderful relationship and Bixby is someone I would love to meet.  I'd also like to have one of her flat hampers and a few of her crowns (if you read it you'll understand why)!

One Realm Beyond is good fantasy with great dragons and it's a very clean read.  More than suitable for younger teens looking to get into some older fantasy.  I'm still trying to picture two dragons sitting at an outdoor cafe having tea though! Honest!

Now I'm off to read the follow-up 'Two Renegade Realms' - I can't wait.

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