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Shout Out to Indies - One Prince, Two Kindoms by Jana Grissom

We here at The Paperback Princesses often receive emails from Indie authors requesting reviews and are blessed with free book copies. Often we are unable to get to so many titles before our mass market published books take over our TBR shelves. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of great reads though! We want to give back to those Indie authors and are declaring EVERY SECOND SUNDAY our SHOUT OUT TO INDIES MEME. For those of fellow bloggers, please feel free to add our meme to your regular schedule. We only ask that you quote and link back to us as a courtesy. For all of you Indie authors, we invite you to contact us at the contact link to your top left. We will select 1 - 3 titles (each time we post) that sound interesting.  Here is this week's selection:

My forehead’s throbbing. One minute this girl is yelling at me for giving up and the next, she’s laughing. Whiplash.
I squint my eyes at Danielle and whisper with my lips firmly in place, “I will never give up.”
Her voice is high and cheerful, “So what’s your plan?”
Johnny Boggs is a teen with trouble to spare who has learned one thing in life - trust no one. Paranoia befriends him as he moves into his fifth foster home and discovers no one appears as they are, his dreams are not just dreams, and he is supposedly the Prince of Shamayim.

On Johnny’s sixteenth birthday, fate requires him to leave the protection of this world but allows for him to choose to reign over the light or turn to the darkness. A vicious competition begins as two kingdoms fight for his loyalty while two beautiful girls, Danielle and Shay, fight for his attention. Time is running out; a decision must be made. Johnny finds it impossible to resist the beauty of his dreams, nor can he turn away from the one who has his heart.

One Prince, Two Kingdoms is not your average read. Most novels take you on a journey through exciting twists and turns, ending with the author’s choice of resolution. Not this time! 1P2K takes you on a journey with Johnny, a teen stuck in foster care, as he learns that he’s the prince of the spirit world. Catch is, he has a choice to make, rule over the Kingdom of Light or Kingdom of Darkness?

Author Jana Grissom did not want to force readers to follow Johnny on one path because as she says, “Everyone chooses their unique path through life. So, why not allow them that same choice for Johnny?” Readers actually get to choose the ending! How is this possible? One Prince, Two Kingdoms leads the reader to the point where Johnny must make a choice. Then, the reader takes a Citizen Quiz to find out which kingdom they belong to. Finally, the quiz sends the prince and all citizens to their kingdom’s ending chapter. Jana is currently writing two sequels that will be released next year for readers to continue following Johnny as The Prince of Light or The Prince of Darkness.

So, join Johnny on the ride of a lifetime where you are the one in the driver’s seat! #1P2K 

We asked Jana if she could tell us why she wrote One Prince; Two Kingdoms -

I am the debut author of a YA Urban Fantasy, One Prince; Two Kingdoms. Also, I am a middle school teacher and advocate for foster children and at-risk teens. My novel was written in response to disturbing nightmares my two foster children at the time were experiencing. After several nights of being awakened by their screams and running to comfort them, I had an idea – write a story and let their imaginations defeat their fears. The children were excited to hear stories of magical worlds and powerful celestials sent to guard them. Each night before bed, I would add new scenes and more adventures. After a few weeks, the nightmares were replaced with excitement to hear the next chapter read.

The children are now living with their grandparents, but their pictures remain on my walls. “One Prince; Two Kingdoms” is dedicated to them and all the foster children who have been in my care, as well as my past and present students; my family, my two amazing teens, Kaylee and Cody, and my husband and best friend, Roy. I hope “One Prince; Two Kingdoms” will encourage children in a place of transition to have hope and never give up

Official Author Bio:
Jana Grissom is a middle school teacher, an advocate for foster children and at-risk teens, a mom of two amazing teens, and married to Roy, her high-school sweetheart. Jana holds a Master of Education in Administration and Policy Studies and offers professional development in bullying identification, prevention, and intervention. She is available to speak to students at secondary schools about the writing process or bring a message that challenges them to S.T.O.P. bullying and suicide.

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