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Anne & Henry Blog Tour

The Paperback Princesses welcomes you to our leg of the Anne and Henry Blog Tour!!

In this wonderfully creative retelling of the infamous—and torrid—love affair between Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII, history collides with the present when a sizzling romance ignites in a modern-day high school.

Henry Tudor’s life has been mapped out since the day he was born: student body president, valedictorian, Harvard Law School, and a stunning political career just like his father’s. But ever since the death of his brother, the pressure for Henry to be perfect has doubled. And now he’s trapped: forbidden from pursuing a life as an artist or dating any girl who isn’t Tudor-approved.

Then Anne Boleyn crashes into his life.

Wild, brash, and outspoken, Anne is everything Henry isn’t allowed to be—or want. But soon Anne is all he can think about. His mother, his friends, and even his girlfriend warn him away, but his desire for Anne consumes him.

Henry is willing to do anything to be with her, but once they’re together, will their romance destroy them both?

Inspired by the true story of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII, Anne & Henry beautifully reimagines the intensity, love, and betrayal between one of the most infamous couples of all time.

Firstly, let me give a great big THANK YOU shoutout to Simon & Schuster Canada for including us on your blog tour!  

Have you heard? Dawn Ius has re-vamped this historical romance into a kick-ass YA novel.  Anne and Henry as a young couple who fall into a reckless romance is fresh, smart and captures all of the high intensity emotions of young lovers.  Ius creates so much sexual tension with these characters that I felt like my book was on fire and smoking in my hot little hands!  

I certainly wouldn't recommend this title to a younger reading audience because of the language and sexual innuendo but it was PERFECT for high school and us older adults who LOVE the YA genre!

One of my favourite aspects of Anne and Henry was how the author set up her characters.  Each character was well-defined and you either loved or hated them.  Each also played a role in creating the drama and fire in this building crescendo of a relationship only to be the strings that tore it down.  And together, the upper echelon of the school tore down this relationship.  Ms. Ius touched on all of my emotions in this book.  I felt the full gamut of young fierce, fiery love being built up and then broken to pieces.  

There are subtle references to history throughout the book. For instance, they dine at The Tower of London restaurant, Henry meets Jane Seymour in a coffee shop, and of course the last scene where...wait a didn't really think I would tell you, did you??

Well, I must say...Anne might be HEAD over heels for Henry but at least the ending is happier than the real life story....sort of.  (You didn't really think that I would leave without some kind of joke, do you?)  Bravo to Ms. Ius for creating a novel with the wit and intensity of Anne and Henry.  I would HIGHLY recommend this title and it could certainly be used as an ISU.  I would love to see more novels like this one for the YA audience to become interested in historical fiction!  So the real question is....will there be another? Cause I know I'll be in line to buy my copy...

So, for all of your lucky followers, Simon & Schuster Canada has graciously offered to give THREE finished copies of Anne and Henry away on our blog!!  The contest is open to Canadians only (sorry international peeps!) and you must fill out an entry to qualify. 

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  1. I love this story! I've seen the movie of it, so I really want to read the re-vamped version! It sounds so interesting.

    -Kayl @ Kayl's Krazy Obsession