Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Need by Joelle Charbonneau

Published: November 2015
Pages: 352
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers 
Copy Provided by: Netgalley
Summary: Goodreads


"No one gets something for nothing. We all should know better."

Teenagers at Wisconsin's Nottawa High School are drawn deeper into a social networking site that promises to grant their every need . . . regardless of the consequences. Soon the site turns sinister, with simple pranks escalating to malicious crimes. The body count rises. In this chilling YA thriller, the author of the best-selling Testing trilogy examines not only the dark side of social media, but the dark side of human nature.

OK. So I really liked the idea of this title.  I personally feel like social networking has taken on a life of its own where nothing is private and no one understands the word anymore.  So in this title, social networking REALLY DOES take on a life of its own.  You are "recruited" to do things in return for a "need" which is often a "want" in disguise.  It is interesting to see the consequences of your actions even if they seem to minor.  This book highlights the domino effect of not being aware of your actions and the results of your actions or inactions.  In some ways it is scary how the idea of a responsible citizen no longer exists in society.  How we are so caught up in our own individuality that sometimes, we don't stop to help someone else up.  

I had problems reading this title all the way through.  It took me a long time because I kept putting it down and picking it up.  The characters were not very memorable but I did want to find out what the heck was going on and who could possibly think up such a complicated system to implicate others in such a murderous plot.  For me, the plot was so built up that the ending didn't feel very satisfying for me and I felt like I needed more explained.  This title had potential but fizzled out by the end.  I hate giving reviews where I am left deflated by the end of the story but that was what this was.  Sorry Joelle, it had potential but i needed more of an explosive ending and conclusion. - Christinabean

A little aside from Curlypow: -  I am really interested to hear how Christinabean liked this book, because in the end I dnf'd it.   I just couldn't stick with the story and kept picking up other books instead of it and I think that's because I'm of a slightly older generation and I just don't see the attraction to all of the social media and games.

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  1. I had to put this one down a couple of times too. While I liked the IDEA, I thought it all just seemed a little silly. Too over the top and unbelievable.