Monday, February 1, 2016

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves allows us to share the books we have added to our collections - physical, virtual, borrowed, bought or received

This week I got: 

Summary (By Goodreads)

Tell the Wind & Fire is about a young girl called Lucie who lives in a New York very different from the New York we know: the city is torn between two very different kinds of magic, and Lucie’s own family was torn apart years ago by that conflict. Lucie wears magic rings and carries a burden of guilt she can’t share with anyone.

The light in her life is her sweetheart boyfriend Ethan, but it turns out Ethan has a secret too: a soulless doppelganger created by dark magic, who has to conceal the face identical to Ethan’s with a hood fastened by a collar nobody but a Light magician with magical rings can take off… and who introduces himself to both of them by, for reasons nobody can understand, saving Ethan’s life…

The last time I read Sarah Rees Brennan, she was talking about demons in The Demon's Lexicon series.  I love her writing style and while her last trilogy, The Lynburn Legacy, is on my TBR list, I still haven't read it. However, Tell the Wind and Fire is available on NetGalley and I would really like to review it before the official release in April.  If you haven't already tried reading this author, you should give her a shot.  Fans of Holly Black will appreciate her writing topics.

- Christinabean

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