Friday, March 18, 2016


Welcome to TGIF!

We used to do a meme on Fridays called Follow Fridays led by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read but that has changed in 2016.  So now I am initiating a new meme for us called TGIF to tell you about book-related or interesting things that we have come across over the week.

If you have something to add or want to start your own TGIF follow, please include us and link back in your intro.  Feel free to leave your posts in the comments so we too can check out the booky things you have found throughout the week!

So today I want to talk about the characters from the Shadowhunters (Netflix) series.  Has anyone else been watching it?  A new episode is released every Wednesday so this is how I spend my Wednesday lunch hours.  At first, I felt that Katherine McNamara couldn't hold a flame to Lily Collins but now, after about 10 weeks, I am starting to like her.  Now for Jace...Dominic Sherwood was not someone I was expecting to be Jace.  But I had seen him Christian in Vampire Academy and he had the broody charm down pat but not the witty banter.  He is getting better.  Plus, I love the whole "two different colored eye" is rather ummm...attractive. :)

As for the other cast members, here are my thoughts.  I LOVE Harry Shum Jr as Magnus. I don't want to hear him sing but I would sure like to see him dance! (You might recognize him from Glee).  Alex was a new actor I had not recognized before.  Once he brushes his hair DOWN, he is quite handsome rather than unruly.  Now Isabelle...another new actress I was not familiar with.  She is another topic altogether.  Not what I was expecting...but at least they are saving money on her wardrobe.  They certainly don't need to use much fabric.  She has a great body...don't get me wrong but I HATE where they put the angelic rune.  It runes her outfit. Get it? hahahaha!!  Sorry....its Friday and I have yet to get caffinated.  The last character I want to talk about is Simon.  You casted this character perfectly! I love this actor in the role. He has all the right expressions and is fantastic as Simon.  I would love to hear our reader's thoughts on this series. Like it? Hate it? never heard of it? Let us know in the comments.
Happy Friday!
- Christinabean

 Its coming...the season finale of The Walking Dead, season 6 - April 6th on AMC

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  1. I had no idea #followfriday had ended. I'm glad you started a new meme.