Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth be with you....

OK, so I only mention this because many of you are like me.  My book nerdery seems to spill over into a love for all things geeky as well.  That includes Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter etc...

This past weekend was the Comic Expo in Calgary.  It was my first time attending and SO MUCH FUN.  In fact, I walked so much that after 4 hours, I had to take off my boots and walk around in my tights for awhile. The balls of my feet were SO SORE....but it was worth it.  If you have never attended a Comic Convention, I do advise that you check one out. It is SO MUCH FUN! There were so many interesting costumes and cool booths to visit.  I am normally a closet geek/nerd and don't broadcast it much in person (just all over the net via a blog hahaha!) but I was so comfortable just being myself.

So after all of the browsing and exploring and talking to people...I decided to purchase something kind of cool...and subtle but oh so much fun...tell me what you think

Indulge your inner geek!!  May the Forth be with you!

- Christinabean

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