Monday, July 19, 2010

The Clearing by Heather Davis

Hi, Curlypow here. Christinabean and I are excited about our new blog and we'll try and keep things interesting for you. I know summer is about to start and the last thing on your mind is English and ISU's, but no-one said the books you use for your ISU have to be boring. There are many wonderful books out there that you can enjoy for themselves and 'recycle' for your project. I thought I'd start you off with a book I finished just a few days ago, so here goes -

The Clearing by Heather Davis

(Borrowed from the library)

What happens when you wish for something hard enough that it actually comes true? You have to live with-in the limitions set by the miracle - or at least that's what happens to Henry, his Grandfather and his mother. Henry is stuck in a time loop and the same summer just keeps occurring again and again, but only he is aware of it. Henry is prepared to live with it for the sake of his mother, but after so many years it's getting tiring and he's beginning to question whether he did the right thing. So what does he do when someone from the present suddenly appears in his world?

Amy has been sent to live with her great-aunt Mae in the North Cascade mountains, which is a far cry from her old life in Seattle. She trying to get away from an abusive relationship and is hoping that finishing her senior year in high school in a new town will give her the peace that she needs to re-invent herself. While walking with the dog, she comes upon a strange mist and discovers things are very different on the other side of it.

Henry and Amy spend time together and help each other out in unexpected ways and their relationship makes each one strong enough to accept the past and face the present with hope.

This was a quick enjoyable read, with believable characters and a satisfying, if slightly unexpected, conclusion. I found it reminded me a bit of Tuck Everlasting, an old favourite of mine. I think the two titles would work well together for a comparison essay.

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