Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 3, no 4, no 5 of 2010 according to us.

So Curlypow and I have been chatting a bit about how many great books we've read in 2010. We've compiled a little list of our top 3 favorites. What were your favourite top 3 books of 2010?

These are Christinabean's top 3 of 2010

You know what though? It is still 2010 (December 27th) and I just finished reading Nightshade last night. It was incredible! I know we said top 3 but I'm going to have to add this onto my list. I was so impressed with this book!!

These are Curlypow's top 3

I know that Beautiful Creatures isn't technically 2010, but I read it early in 2010 and it really has been my favourite that I have read for the year, so in it goes. Rot and Ruin was a very close second. Paranormalcy was great fun, and a little different. Truthfully, there were so many good books, it was really hard to choose. Christinabean's choices were also high on my list as were many others, but the three above won out in the end.

Sorry, just had to add these last two, they were too good to leave off my list! May'be we should just go for our top 50. I'm sure we could come up with that many quite easily!

Which were your top 3 favourites of 2010?

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