Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Movies

Ahhh....Christmas movies.  Remember the good old days when you used to watch holiday themed cartoons and movies on TV?  Well, now that we have DVDs and movies on demand, its so easy to watch whatever and whenever you want.  The holidays just aren't the same for me without watching the Sound of Music.  Cheesy, I know but who else but Julie Andrews could create an entire wardrobe ensemble for 7 children out of curtains.  Granted, Amy Adams did have a go in Enchanted, as did Vivian Leigh in Gone with the Wind but   c'mon, 7 outfits.  This gal's got talent.  Not to mention, a beautiful singing voice.  So here are some of my top picks for holiday movies.  Please feel free to contribute your favourites too!

Good choices Christinabean, There are two that I would have to add to the list, an old favourite and a newer one.

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