Friday, August 31, 2012

Follow Friday

Feature and Follow is a blog hop that was started by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Each week a different question is posted by our hosts and we will answer! This is a great opportunity for bloggers to network and interact. This weeks question is:
Q: Best cover? What is the best cover of a book that you've read and loved?.
Wow, how hard is that question?  I think that the first really good cover that comes to mind is any in the Mortal Instruments series - they are all really good and it would be incredibly difficult to pick one out over the others.  I think Christinabean would agree with me on that one.  It is closely followed by the Beautiful Creatures et al covers.  There is something so stark and haunting about those covers that just gets to me.
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Check out yesterdays post about Pushing the Limits for a chance at a copy - it's really good.


  1. I actually don't love the City of Bones cover, the giat chest is so random! But it was defnitely a great read.

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  2. I agree, the Beautiful Creatures covers are so simple and plain, but still manage to be captivating and mysterious. Great choices!

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  3. Perfect choice! I loved both books too!

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  4. I love TMI covers, too. I think my favorites are City of Bones and City of Ashes. And the books are amazing! I keep trying to get my cousin to read them, because I know she will love them.

    I do like the covers for the Beautiful Creatures books, but I don't love the actual story. It is okay, but I am just not in love.

    Old Follower

    1. Keep trying to convince her, they are so worth it :)

  5. I really want to read the Beautiful Creatures saga. I want to read the first one before the movie comes out. I love book to movie adaptations, although the book is usually better. :D

    Old follower! Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. I think Beautiful Creatures is just about my favourite series, especially on audio. It's worth reading.

  6. I haven't heard of Beautiful creatures but I love that cover!

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  7. Loving both of these covers! Haven't read Beautiful Creatures yet though...

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    Jenna Lynne

  8. I may have loved the Beautiful Creatures/Darkness/Chaos covers so much, I have a tattoo modeled after the script on their covers. :)