Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The 100 TV Series

So today I want to talk to you about Netflix.  I love Netflix.  So much in fact that we stopped our regular TV service about 3 years ago and all we watch are DVDs and Netflix.  One thing that I love about Netflix is that I can catch up on some of the book series that I have been meaning to read by watching the TV version. True, it often is only BASED on the book but still, it gives me additional incentive to READ the series when I get the opportunity.  

The 100 has been on my TBR list for years.  The premise is that after Armageddon, earth's only survivors were sent up into space.  And they cannot inhabit the earth again for centuries because of toxic radiation levels.  However, the space station that these people are on is running out of steam and they need to find a solution.  

In order to see if earth is habitable, the station sends down 100 teens who are all criminals.  I guess they felt that they were disposable?  Each teen has a tracking device to relay valuable information back to the space station in order to assess the environment and see if it is viable for living  Of course chaos ensues.  Let's send a bunch of jailed kids to an environment that they have never explored without any guidance or rules or system in place and see how it goes.  Are you picturing an updated, modernized Lord of the Flies? Yep.  Now besides environmental factors, food, shelter, safety  and adequate co-operation, add in territorial issues by people who may already live there.

I have spent the past couple weeks marathoning this series and I'm HOOKED!!  So much so that I went to check on Season 5, episode 1 this weekend and I'm so bummed that it doesn't release until the END of April!!

Besides The 100, I have also been checking out the Outlander series.  Have you been watching any series that are based on books?

- Christinabean 

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  1. I LOVE the 100! And it has been a LONG wait for S5, I'm so glad it's almost April. S5 looks very dramatic! Glad you're loving the show!!